Minho Free Walking Tours is a local project founded by two history teachers on February, 6th, 2016. It started its activity by conducting guided tours in the city of Braga every day, twice a day. Meanwhile, this project has grown and today it is integrated into a cultural and social cooperative named Minho de Porta Aberta - Cooperativa Cultural e Social, CRL.  At this moment, the project developed by local people, provides guided tours three times a day in Braga, twice a day in Guimarães (only by reservation), Bom Jesus do Monte (only by reservation) and costumized tours. The actual team consists of local resident professionals linked to different areas of knowledge such as History, Archeology, Urbanism or Cultural Studies. We are available to join you and show you our region through our point of view as locals. Visit us!

Discover Braga and Guimarães (the main historical cities of Minho, a traditional Portuguese region located in northwest of Po…